Yoshiki Takahashi

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your official weight for this fight?
Yoshiki Takahashi: 93 kilos.
Pride: Still at PANCRASE-ism?
Takahashi: Not "ism", just PANCRASE. There are 3 teams in PANCRASE. My team doesn't have a name. Just say PANCRASE.
Pride: Are you an international amateur wrestling champion?
Takahashi: When I was young.
Pride: And you won a karate tournament?
Takahashi: No, I didn't win.
Pride: The 1st PANCRASE Heavyweight Champion?
Takahashi: Yes.
Pride: You defeated Wallid Ismail at UFC 12?
Takahashi: yes.
Pride: In Pancrase, you fought Schilt, Shamrock, White and Kondo?
Takahashi: Yes.
Pride: Ok, your fight against Heath Herring in the tournament didn't turn out so well. What have you been doing since then?
Takahashi: I practiced my striking more.
Pride: Have you fought since then?
Takahashi: No.
Pride: Who have you been training with?
Takahashi: Fujita and Kosaka. Also, Yokoi and Nakamura.
Pride: That's a pretty good camp! Do you have to win this fight to enter the Grand Prix? Do you want to be in the Grand Prix?
Takahashi: I'm not thinking about anything but this fight. I think my fist will probably be broken from this fight so, even if I win, I don't know if I'll be able to fight in the next one.
Pride: (laughing) Why do you feel that way?
Takahashi: Because that's how hard I'm going to hit him! (laughing)
Pride: What do you think of Vovchanchyn?
Takahashi: I respect him.
Pride: Vovchanchyn has come down from Heavyweight to 205 lb. What is the biggest threat Vovchanchyn presents to you?
Takahashi: His right hook.
Pride: What are the differences between Pancrase and PRIDE?
Takahashi: There are a lot of differences but mainly the style is different. I don't really want to get into details, though.
Pride: Okay, what did you feel when you fought in PRIDE the first time?
Takahashi: It was the difference in style.
Pride: How is it different?
Takahashi: The style of fighting is different. Not the difference in the rule. It's the way the fighters fight.
Pride: Since your debut in PRIDE last year, what have you improved the most? What do you want to work on this year?
Takahashi: I worked on ground defense since the last fight. I will continue to improve that.
Pride: What are your biggest strengths heading into this fight?
Takahashi: I don't know.
Pride: How can you beat Vovchanchyn?
Takahashi: Go forward, be aggressive and punch without being afraid of his punches.