Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight?
Alistair Overeem: 93 kg but it will change in 2 years.
Pride: You're going to go heavy?
Overeem: Yeah, definitely.
Pride: You just won the Abu Dhabi qualifications tournament.
Overeem: Yep, the European Champion.
Pride: Where was it?
Overeem: Stockholm, Sweden, in January.
Pride: You are going to America for Abu Dhabi in May?
Overeem: Yeah, I'm going to stay for a while.
Pride: Do you think this is your toughest fight to date?
Overeem: On paper, it probably will be but we'll see after the fight.
Pride: What are your biggest concerns with him?
Overeem: Obviously, the brothers are submission experts and he's going to try to use all tricks up his sleep to submit me. It's going to be fun escaping them.
Pride: Do you feel that people don't give you enough credit for your submission skills?
Overeem: That's no problem because people usually don't know exactly what I can do. I have to show it in the fight. It's better this way than to have everyone think you are incredible and then nothing happens in the fight. It works better. Over here, I'm a striker. In Holland, I'm a submission fighter. I think after a couple of fights, people will know.
Pride: Are you going to trade submission with him or would you rather keep it standing up?
Overeem: Of course I will try to submit him but let's be realistic. He's a black belt and I'm a white belt, whatever. He'll probably be better than me on the ground but he's human and he can be submitted and knocked out.
Pride: How have you been training for this fight?
Overeem: Nothing has changed. I just changed and improved in every area. Of course I did some training on the ground for Abu Dhabi.
Pride: How did you win your matches?
Overeem: Guillotine choke. Every one with a guillotine choke.
Pride: How many matches?
Overeem: Four.
Pride: Where have you improved the most and what do you need to improve the most?
Overeem: Well, I don't have as much experience as the other fighters in PRIDE but once I get more experience, I will get better. I'm sure the techniques will come.
Pride: Are your sights set on the Grand Prix?
Overeem: Yeah, definitely.
Pride: Anybody in particular that you'd like to fight?
Overeem: Everybody asks me that question.
Pride: It's a typical interview question.
Overeem: Actually, I have a couple of guys I don't like.
Pride: Really? Can you share? You've got to tell us now.
Overeem: Who do I not like? Ryan Gracie. I'd really like to kick his ass. He's got a very bad attitude. I think he's got a bad attitude and he's a little overrated. It would be a good fight.
Pride: How about Arona or Henderson?
Overeem: They've been okay to me.
Pride: I heard Wanderlei was calling you some names! (laughing)
Overeem: (laughing) Well, he does have a little attitude but he deserves it, I guess. I did think about something when he was fighting Hunt. When he was on the bottom, he was feeling what he normally makes other fighters feel. He was not smiling anymore. That was fun to see. Wanderlei Silva is a tough guy, though. He's proven it many times but it would be an interesting fight. Who else do we have?
Pride: How about Ninja and Shogun?
Overeem: They are nice to me.
Pride: What about Vitor Belfort?
Overeem: I'd love that. I've never met him, though. Who's the other guy?
Pride: Tito?
Overeem: Yeah. He's got a big mouth and not a lot of respect for his opponents. He's got no strikes and he's afraid of being punched. His strategy works, though because he's selling tickets. It would be fun to show the people of America, Japan and Holland especially that this guy can't really do anything.
Pride: What about facing Chuck again?
Overeem: That fight's gonna come.
Pride: What's your new game plan for Nogueira?
Overeem: I'm going to knee him.
Pride: What's your prediction?
Overeem: I think I'm going to knock him out, rather sooner than later.
Pride: First round?
Overeem: I don't know. I'm going to be a little slow on the prediction because last time?? (laughing)
Pride: Six minutes?
Overeem: Yeah. Let's say six minutes.
Pride: Knee to the head standing or on the ground?
Overeem: Standing.
Pride: Okay. Knee to the head knock out at 6 minutes!
Overeem: No, within 6 minutes. (laughing)