Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 28?
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: Yes.
Pride: What's your weight for the fight?
Nogueira: 93kg.
Pride: Last time, you fought Nakamura in BUSHIDO 4, right?
Nogueira: Yes.
Pride: How has your training been since? Did you take a vacation or keep training?
Nogueira: I kept training on standup and ground.
Pride: Obviously, your jiu-jitsu is your strength. Did you put more time in standup?
Nogueira: Yeah, I worked on standup more.
Pride: You spent a lot of time last year getting your brother ready for Fedor, right?
Nogueira: Yes, now I'm training for myself.
Pride: Do you want to be in the Middleweight Grand Prix?
Nogueira: Yeah.
Pride: How's your brother doing now?
Nogueira: Yeah, okay. He's helping me prepare.
Pride: What do you think about Overeem? A lot of people think this could be a great fight.
Nogueira: He's a good striker. I think he's improving on the ground.
Pride: He won the European Abu Dhabi qualifying tournament by submissions. He won all 4 fights with guillotine chokes. Do you want to take the fight to the ground, stay standing or it doesn't matter?
Nogueira: Whatever happens. I want to fight standing, too.
Pride: Have you been working on your boxing as much as Rodrigo?
Nogueira: Yes.
Pride: Did you go with him to Cuba to train in boxing with him?
Nogueira: I never went but a boxing coach from Cuba came to work with me.
Pride: You are undefeated in PRIDE at 5-0. What do you feel is your strongest point as a fighter and where do you feel you have to get better?
Nogueira: Submissions and boxing are my best. I need to work on my muay thai and my wrestling. I train muay thai everyday, though.
Pride: Since you are undefeated, where would you rank Alistair Overeem in terms of people you've already fought? One of the toughest?
Nogueira: He's a very good fighter.
Pride: He said that he has a lot of respect for you but he's going to knock you out in the first 6 minutes. What do you think about that?
Nogueira: He said that? Good for him! (laughing) He's very confident.
Pride: What's your reaction to that?
Nogueira: I'm excited.
Pride: You should have your corner let you know when 6 minutes have passed and then you can tell Alistair, "6 minutes!"
Nogueira: Can I stop the fight then? (laughing)
Pride: No, he was just joking. It was just a joke. He's very respectful.
Nogueira: Yeah, he's a good fighter.
Pride: You feel good? No injuries?
Nogueira: Yeah, I feel really good.
Pride: You had surgery last year, right?
Nogueira: On my elbow but it's fine now.
Pride: By the way, we know that you and your brother switched places during the opening ceremony on New Year's Eve.
Nogueira: (laughing) Everybody knows now.
Pride: You can fool the fans but you can't fool the promoter.