Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: How's your shoulder?
Kazuhiro Nakamura: It's okay.
Pride: What happened? Anything broken.
Nakamura: Nothing broken, just a shoulder injury.
Pride: What's your weight?
Nakamura: 93kg.
Pride: You've lost like 6 kg. Do you feel in better shape?
Nakamura: Yeah, I feel good.
Pride: Still at Yoshida Dojo?
Nakamura: Yes.
Pride: Where's Chonan?
Nakamura: He's with Yokoi.
Pride: Everyone was really impressed with his heel-hook on Anderson on New Year's Eve.
Nakamura: He's a joke. No skill. (laughing)
Pride: Who are you training standup with now?
Nakamura: Riki Onodera, the kick boxer, with Chonan.
Pride: We hear Onodera's name a lot with Japanese fighters.
Nakamura: He's a very good teacher. His punches are good.
Pride: How did you feel about your fight with Henderson before you got hurt?
Nakamura: I was too relaxed, I think, even right before the match.
Pride: Anything good happen? New girlfriend?
Nakamura: Many (new girlfriends) (laughing)
Pride: What do you think about your opponent?
Nakamura: His striking is dangerous. He's had 2 losses so I think he will be very serious this time.
Pride: He's kind of like a wounded animal that's not going to let you hurt him anymore.
Nakamura: Good example.
Pride: Are you going to try to take him down right away or will you strike with him?
Nakamura: I'd like to try striking with him but it depends on how much pressure I feel.
Pride: Ok, tell us about the Ryan Gracie incident.
Nakamura: He's a chicken. That's all.
Pride: It was set up on New Year's Eve, on TV, then Ryan pulled out, right?
Nakamura: Yes. He's a chicken.
Pride: Sounds like Wallid Ismail. When do you find out you were not fighting Ryan?
Nakamura: A week ago.
Pride: Did you hear the reason?
Nakamura: I think he feels he can't beat me.
Pride: Obviously, you want to be in the Grand Prix.
Nakamura: Yes.
Pride: What about Yoshida?
Nakamura: He wants to be in, but it's not official.
Pride: What if you and he have to fight?
Nakamura: I'll fight him.
Pride: Will you beat him?
Nakamura: ...
Pride: Submission or knock out?
Nakamura: Knock out. (laughing)