Aliev Makhmud

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 35?
Aliev Makhmud: Yes.
Pride: How tall are you?
Makhmud: 173 cm.
Pride: And your weight?
Makhmud: 85 kg.
Pride: We don't know very much about you. You're a world champion wrestler?
Makhmud: An Azerbaydzhan Champion, not a World Champion.
Pride: In what weight class?
Makhmud: 68 kg.
Pride: One time? Two times?
Makhmud: Two times. I'm also a trainer for the Azerbaydzhan Olympic wrestling team.
Pride: Have you wrestled in the Olympics?
Makhmud: No.
Pride: Freestyle or Greco-Roman?
Makhmud: Freestyle.
Pride: What do you want to fight mixed martial arts in PRIDE?
Makhmud: In December, I attended a wrestling rules seminar in Italy and the offer was brought to me.
Pride: Have you boxed or worked on submissions?
Makhmud: Boxing isn't a problem and I'm comfortable with submissions. I have to be very quick to do submissions, though. Once I was in the Soviet Marines and I did training there, too.
Pride: Did you box in the Marines?
Makhmud: Not serious training.
Pride: Are you married? Kids?
Makhmud: No.
Pride: Have a dog?
Makhmud: No.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Makhmud: Girls.
Pride: Good hobby. Do you play any music?
Makhmud: I like it but no.
Pride: What kind of music do you like?
Makhmud: Quiet music.
Pride: Classical?
Makhmud: Relaxation music.
Pride: What's your favorite movie?
Makhmud: Action movies.
Pride: One last thing, how does it feel to be in PRIDE in Japan?
Makhmud: I feel like I'm on the street, inside an action movie.