Stefan Leko

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight for this fight?
Stefan Leko: 93 kg.
Pride: You've lost weight since December?
Leko: 3 kg.
Pride: How are you feeling? Last time we talked about how you had a back injury and last year was just a bad year for you, all around.
Leko: Last time was bad luck for me. I was too aggressive.
Pride: Everything went perfect until you walked into him. You've got to stand back when you knock them down.
Leko: Yeah, that was good for me. I learned. I was disappointed because I trained so much for this fight.
Pride: He's going to go for the legs right away. Did you train for that?
Leko: Yeah.
Pride: What have you been working on in MMA since December?
Leko: Takedown defense and defense against arm locks.
Pride: The difficult thing for the strikers is that in order to hit someone you have to step in. The wrestlers are waiting for that, though. It's very difficult for strikers. You're 100% health-wise?
Leko: 100%.
Pride: Have you had a chance to work with any judo guys?
Leko: Yes, of course.
Pride: What do you want to accomplish in this fight, other than just win?
Leko: I want to show a good fight.
Pride: Anything new in the last 2 months?
Leko: I did a lot of defense training. I trained a lot of submission defenses, especially for arm-locks.
Pride: Are you starting to get a feel for the MMA style of fighting?
Leko: Training is good but we will see. The fight is a whole different game.