Hiromitsu Kanehara

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your official weight for this fight?
H iromitsu Kanehara Probably 91 kg.
Pride: Out of Takada Dojo?
Kanehara: No, I'm freelance.
Pride: What kind of training have you been doing for the fight?
Kanehara: Same as usual.
Pride: Lots of standup and ground, or mainly standup?
Kanehara: About 50/50.
Pride: Which one is more natural for you?
Kanehara: Standing tires me more.
Pride: You take a lot of punishment. People are impressed with how much you can take. How do you feel after the fight? Did you have any injuries after the fight with Overeem? How do you keep coming back for more?
Kanehara: It's my job to come back.
Pride: We asked Choi Mu Bae about this, too. Have you been working on defense against strikes? You're strong but it's not healthy to take that much abuse.
Kanehara: First of all, I do defend. Second, thanks for worrying about me but I don't think I took that much damage in the last fight. I looked fine in the first round and only got hit a couple of times in the second round. I only had two places with swelling. I haven't taken any real damage. The doctors said there was nothing wrong and nothing broken after the fight. Even in the fight with Mirko, he didn't give me any serious strikes.
Pride: I thought you went to the hospital after your fight with Mirko?
Kanehara: I went to the hospital because when I was kicked, the skin tore and the bone was exposed. If the bone is exposed, bacteria can get inside and if your bones get infected, you're going to be in a world of trouble. That's why I went to the hospital.
Pride: Other than that, you didn't feel there anything from the strikes?
Kanehara: No injuries from the punches, just the scratch on my elbow and a scratch on my head.
Pride: It looked like you took a lot of hits in the face from our point of view.
Kanehara: It hurts a lot.
Pride: What are you going to try to do in this fight? Going to the ground right away or wait and see what your opponent does?
Kanehara: I fight a lot of strikers! (laughing) I think I'll just see what he does.