Hirotaka Yokoi

Pride Fighting Championships: You are 26?
Hirotaka Yokoi: Yes.
Pride: What's your official weight for this fight?
Yokoi: Official weight? Not my current weight?
Pride: What are you going to be in the match?
Yokoi: I think it will be 93 or 94 kg.
Pride: Nearly everyone is 93 kg. Have you lost weight, about 6 kg?
Yokoi: Actually, about 14 kg. I gained a lot of weight during Christmas and New Year's because I was eating a lot of cake and not training.
Pride: But, it's only 7 kg since the last time, right?
Yokoi: Yes, that's right.
Pride: You're in Yoshida Dojo now?
Yokoi: No, I'm in Team Alliance, with Kosaka.
Pride: With Chonan and Nakamura?
Yokoi: Chonan is freelance and Nakamura is in Yoshida Dojo.
Pride: Last time we saw you against Heath Herring. What do you think about that fight?
Yokoi: I made a mistake.
Pride: What kind of mistake?
Yokoi: That was the best condition I've ever been but I was over confident. I wasn't nervous enough and too relaxed.
Pride: Too relaxed is not good. Nakamura said the same thing.
Yokoi: Feeling is more important, more than conditioning. At that time, my spirit wasn't ready. It was a good lesson for me.
Pride: What are you planning for this fight?
Yokoi: He's a ground fighter but he can strike, too. I think I'm the same way. We can fight in both areas.
Pride: Are you good friends with Nakamura?
Yokoi: Yes.
Pride: Have you known each other since you were kids?
Yokoi: No. I knew him from when I was in college. He was already a very strong judo player. We became friends after we graduated from college. We knew each other but we went to different universities.
Pride: You want to submit him in the Grand Prix, though, right? (laughing)
Yokoi: I'd like to do it in the finals.