Igor Vovchanchyn

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight for this fight?
Igor Vovchanchyn: 93kg
Pride: You fought in December, in Kiev, right?
Vovchanchyn: Yes.
Pride: What made you decide to go back to middleweight?
Vovchanchyn: This is where I was 10 years ago. My natural weight was like this. I feel more comfortable. I'm faster. I'm not very tall so it's easier to fight at this weight.
Pride: You'll have a lot of power at middleweight. What was your diet?
Vovchanchyn: Just to prepare for this fight, or in general?
Pride: Last time you said you only ate vegetables or something like that.
Vovchanchyn: I eat everything, just a normal diet.
Pride: Have you lost any power or gained power?
Vovchanchyn: I'm not sure if I gained power in my punches but I don't think it's hurt me. Of course, I'm faster.
Pride: Do you feel any different at this new weight, in terms of who's available to you now, like Wanderlei and the Rua brothers?
Vovchanchyn: I have more chances to win now. It's difficult to face so many tough opponents in the Heavyweight division. I'm very optimistic now.
Pride: People don't realize that he's only 31 but he's been around forever in PRIDE. He's still very young, though. How have you prepared?
Vovchanchyn: Just the usual training but I tried to run as much as possible. More running this time. I tried to play rugby.
Pride: Without pads, like in Australia?
Vovchanchyn: Oh, I'm sorry, not "rugby." I meant rag ball. It's like playing football, but with wrestling. It's a Russian sport.
Pride: What do you know about Takahashi? How do you feel about fighting him?
Vovchanchyn: From what I saw on his videotape, I have no doubt that I'm stronger than he is. I don't see any problem.
Pride: So, obviously you want to knock him out.
Vovchanchyn: Yes. I would like to finish it in the first second.