Hirotaka Yokoi

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of your opponent?
Yokoi: I thought I could beat him but I lost.
Pride: Where did you think you could beat him?
Yokoi: When we clinched. I didn't think I was weaker than him until then.
Pride: How about your injury?
Yokoi: It's okay but I won't know until I go to the hospital.
Pride: He was kneeing you for a long time. Did you get any injuries?
Yokoi: No, it didn't hurt. I was aware of everything and I was telling the referee that I was fine.
Pride: When did you hurt your leg?
Yokoi: I hurt it when I used my leg to try and take him down. It's the muscle on the backside of the leg.
Pride: Could you have went to the 2nd round if you hadn't had that injury?
Yokoi: Well, it turned out the way it did... I was just too weak.
Pride: Did you think you could hold out against his knees?
Yokoi: I tried to get up but I couldn't get any strength (in my legs). I thought I would just hold out as long as I can.
Pride: How much weight did you lose and how fast?
Yokoi: About 12 kg in one and half months. I wasn't breathing hard so my conditioning was fine.
Pride: Were you planning on striking from the beginning?
Yokoi: I didn't have a plan. I just wanted to do whatever I can, whether it's on the ground or standing up.
Pride: Was it difficult fighting someone you know?
Yokoi: No.
Pride: Would you like to fight him again?
Yokoi: Yes, I would.