Yoshiki Takahashi & Igor Vovchanchyn

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of Vovchanchyn?
Yoshiki Takahashi: He's amazing. I was very happy. My head is still foggy now. That's the first time I've ever been put down with just one punch, so I was really impressed with Vovchanchyn. His hook was more painful that I imagined but I'm glad.
Pride: Well, you went toe-to-toe, as you said you would.
Takahashi: I was so excited. I was flying.
Pride: You respect him?
Takahashi: I'm happy that I was able to meet him in the ring. I was happy when I heard the bell ring. It's too bad (that I lost) but I feel good.
Pride: You didn't even consider ground fighting?
Takahashi: Not at all. I was going to tap quickly if it went to the ground. (laughing)
Pride: You gave up your Pancrase title. What will you do from now on?
Takahashi: If they'll let me, I'd like to fight here again. I want to fight more in PRIDE. Pancrase already has Kondo as a representative.
Pride: The UFC is planning to come to Japan this year.
Takahashi: I haven't thought about it. I've only been thinking about Kikuta recently so I haven't thought about the octagon at all.
Pride: Who would you like to fight next?
Takahashi: I don't care. I can't say anything because this was my 2nd loss.
Pride: Are you confused about how to fight in the PRIDE ring?
Takahashi: From Vovchanchyn's point of view, I'm history now. I can't ask for a rematch. But, I feel good so I want to keep doing my best. My head still hurts. He's amazing.

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of your fight?
Igor Vovchanchyn: I feel really great.
Pride: You look like you lost a lot of weight. How much did you lose?
Vovchanchyn: I'm 92 kg now. I was 100 kg last year, so 8 kg.
Pride: When did you decide to fight as a middleweight?
Vovchanchyn: I decided one year ago. I just thought that it would be easier for me in the middleweight division.
Pride: Have you been studying the middleweight division?
Vovchanchyn: I've been studying videos.
Pride: Is there anyone in particular that left an impression on you?
Vovchanchyn: No one in particular but I'm ready to fight anyone.
Pride: Are you going to focus on the Grand Prix from now on?
Vovchanchyn: Winning the Grand Prix is my goal.