Kazuhiro Nakamura & Stefan Leko

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about your fight?
Kazuhiro Nakamura: Not particularly happy but I can relax now.
Pride: When did you hear that the fight with Ryan was cancelled?
Nakamura: The Wednesday before the fight.
Pride: When did you hear that you would fight Leko?
Nakamura: Just before the fight.
Pride: Were you able to mentally switch gears?
Nakamura: I could do anything the day I found out. I just wasn't motivated.
Pride: Is that why you finished it so quickly?
Nakamura: I thought that if I lose here, I won't be able to fight in the Grand Prix.
Pride: Your opponent's style changed completely.
Nakamura: It was difficult to change (my training). I was also afraid of his strikes.
Pride: After the fight you said that you didn't want to fight the way you did.
Nakamura: I really wanted to fight Ryan. I don't like him. I wanted to make him tap or knock him out. I think this fight must have been difficult for Leko.
Pride: You also talked about the Grand Prix.
Nakamura: The fight between Yoshida and Silva in the last Grand Prix really inspired me. I want to get as many people as possible to watch my fights.
Pride: What if you have to fight your teacher?
Nakamura: It's fine with me.
Pride: Were you worried about other fighters taking your place while you were injured?
Nakamura: No, but I wanted to show everyone how good judo is.

Pride Fighting Championships: It was a tough outcome for you. How do you feel now?
Stefan Leko: It was unfortunate. That's all I can say.
Pride: How long did you have to prepare?
Leko: I was always training but I wasn't in top condition in my previous fights because of injuries. PRIDE is still a new thing to me. Coming from standup fights to PRIDE and then using new techniques is difficult. I was really able to show what I learned in training.
Pride: Which did you train more, standing or ground techniques?
Leko: I trained them evenly but a fight is different than training.
Pride: You stood up quickly after the bell. You weren't hurt at all?
Leko: I don't have any injuries. The rope was in the way and I couldn't defend myself.
Pride: What will you concentrate on in your training from now on?
Leko: I don't know. First, I'm going to take a rest. I'll think about it after I feel better.