Sergei Kharitonov & Choi Mu Bae

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Sergei Kharitonov: It felt good. I'm looking forward to the next event.
Pride: What about your opponent?
Kharitonov: He looked well prepared but I studied him a lot, too. I was able to fight and win without taking any risks.
Pride: This was your first fight since August of last year. What did you do during the interval?
Kharitonov: I fought in small events for half a year.
Pride: Small events?
Kharitonov: Small, international events.
Pride: MMA?
Kharitonov: There were also MMA matches but nothing as big as PRIDE.
Pride: In Russia?
Kharitonov: Yes, in Russia.
Pride: What's your goal in PRIDE?
Kharitonov: I want to be the Champion.
Pride: Did you see the main event this time?
Kharitonov: I saw it.
Pride: Please tell us what you thought of it.
Kharitonov: It was a good fight. Mirko had a good plan.
Pride: And a word for your fans.
Kharitonov: Please support me as you have before. I want my fights to make you happy.
Pride: Who, and when, do you want to fight next?
Kharitonov: I'm not qualified to choose my opponents.

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of your fight?
Choi Mu Bae: I made a strategical error. I was planning to go to the ground from the clinch but I couldn't. I felt like I need to study more.
Pride: What is your impression of Kharitonov?
Choi: The Russian Top Team trains a lot. It's a good team.
Pride: What's your plan now?
Choi: I don't think this is the end. I will train more and come back. I'd like to concentrate on my amateur wrestling dojo after I rest for a while.