Quinton Jackson

Pride Fighting Championships: You didn't look like you felt very well out there. You don't look very good now, either.
Jackson: The fight was put together in a hurry, so I learned my lesson. I can't fight on such short notice anymore.
Pride: There's a Grand Prix this year and I assume that you will be in it. How will your condition be?
Jackson: It's two months away, right? I'll train hard for it. I won't have an excuse if I get tired in the next fight.
Pride: Do you want to fight Silva again in the Grand Prix?
Jackson: I want to rematch everyone that I've lost to.
Pride: Shogun (Mauricio Rua) said that he wants to fight you.
Jackson: I'll fight Shogun. If I get paid. (laughing) As long as he's in the same weight class as me and I get enough money and plenty of time to train. I will get injured if I don't get at least 2 months to train.
Pride: You really didn't have much time for this fight?
Jackson: The offer was made a month before. I wasn't able to spar because my nose was broken. Ninja's a tough guy so it wasn't much of a warm up fight.
Pride: (Ninja) seems unhappy with the decision. What about you?
Jackson: My team members said that I won but I'm not happy that it went to the decision.
Pride: What do you want to do now that your fight is over?
Jackson: I want to eat pizza! (laughing)