Tom Erikson & Fabricio Werdum

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of your fight?
Erickson: I'm surprised. His attacks on my legs were really great. Everyone here though I would take him down but his takedowns were very good. I got the fight offer 12 days before but I wanted to show the fans a good fight, so I accepted. I hope Fabricio will continue to do well from now own. I think I can still fight in PRIDE and ask for everyone's help.
Pride: Were you able to come up with a game plan in those 12 days?
Erickson: I wanted to use the striking experience I gained in K-1.
Pride: Was his ground work scary?
Erickson: Of course, I was concerned about his ground skills

Pride Fighting Championships: How did you prepare for your PRIDE debut?
Fabricio Werdum: I trained hard for more than 8 months. I'll train twice that for my next fight.
Pride: He had more than 20 kg on you. Did that bother you?
Werdum: I thought it would influence the fight but I'm used to fighting guys bigger than me.
Pride: How was the striking?
Werdum: I'm always training with Mirko so I didn't feel anything special.
Pride: You're a jiu-jitsu champion. Would you like to fight one of the many fighters in PRIDE with a jiu-jitsu background?
Werdum: I don't like to choose.
Pride: Will you continue to compete in jiu-jitsu?
Werdum: If possible, I want to compete in the Championship. If it doesn't conflict with PRIDE's schedule...
Pride: I assume you're thinking about the Heavyweight Grand Prix next year. Will you fight against Mirko if you have to?
Werdum: That's tough to answer. It's difficult to talk about fighting Mirko.
Pride: Were you able to use the striking training that you spoke about earlier?
Werdum: I was able to use everything that I practiced.