Mark Coleman & Mirko Filipovic

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Mark Coleman: It was a great fight. I was really amazed. All of his takedowns, punches and kicks were perfect. He's an incredible fighter. I'm really looking forward to watching his fights from now on.
Pride: What do you think will happen if Mirko and Fedor fight?
Coleman: That's a tough one. They're both strong so I can't say which one but it will definitely be a fight that moves everyone that watches it. I'm looking forward to watching their fight. Is there anyone from the American media here? I'd like to say something to my mother and children in America. I think I did my best today but this isn't the end. I want to train and continue to fight the best in the world.
Pride: Any words for your fans?
Coleman: To all the fans in America and Japan, and all the fans in the world. I love you all. I'm going to continue to train and continue to get stronger. Finally, I'd been scared of getting punched in the neck because I had a neck injury. I realized in this fight that it's okay.

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your impression of Coleman?
Filipovic: He's physically strong. He's tough. He probably thought he could grab my legs, but I knew he couldn't. He's a tough guy, though.
Pride: Did you train at avoiding his tackles?
Filipovic: Of course, that was my strategy, but I was thinking of options if went to the ground, too.
Pride: What options?
Filipovic: Triangle chokes, arm bars, omo plata. I was thinking of a lot of options.
Pride: After the fight, you said that you are just waiting.
Filipovic: That's it. I'm waiting (on Fedor). I just want to fight him quickly. The next event would be fine.
Pride: You seem full of confidence. Why is that?
Filipovic: I'm not scared on the ground. I've trained so hard on the ground and sweat so much that I'm confident I can find standing up or on the ground.
Pride: Does the possibility of a title match affect you mentally?
Filipovic: I'm confident that I won't lose against a wrestler, even if it goes to the ground. Fabricio comes to the gym at my home every day, trying to submit me so I've gotten a lot better.
Pride: If you do fight Fedor, do you think the fight will go to the ground?
Filipovic: I think it will be a tough fight for both of us.
Pride: Leko seems to be having trouble in PRIDE. Have you given him any advice?
Filipovic: I told him to quit PRIDE. As his friend, I told him to go back to K-1. He can't win in PRIDE.
Pride: What does he lack?
Filipovic: He's not suited for it physically. The muscles needed for K-1 and PRIDE are different. He's already 31 and I doubt he has enough time left to make the kind of body necessary for PRIDE.
Pride: If Josh (Barnett) wanted a rematch, what would you say?
Filipovic: Wait. I gave him a promise, so we will have a rematch.