Aaron Riley

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Aaron Riley: I feel incredible. Standing in the PRIDE ring, and winning, is great. And winning by KO just made it better.
Pride: What did you think when Omigawa just kept coming back at him, no matter how much he was hit?
Riley: Honestly, I was surprised. I was hitting him with a lot of punches so I thought he would go down. When I saw that, I thought that he's a fighter with a lot of heart. I'm sure he trained to win, too. I just had a bit of luck this time and won.
Pride: Omigawa has a strong record in judo. Were you surprised that he could strike, too?
Riley: I was very surprised that he was able to counter with strikes. Before the fight, I thought he would come at me with judo throws or takedowns. His judo skills are good and I think he had a good defense. I could feel that he's a top-class judo player when we were fighting.
Pride: Were you able to train well before this fight?
Riley: From a training point of view, I was able to fight a good fight. I hope that I will have an even better fight next time.