Jens Pulver & Taisho

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about your first win in PRIDE?
Jens Pulver: It's my first win so I feel really good. I'm very happy. I wanted to make the fight exciting for the fans. My first goal was to make the fans happy and my second goal was to win. It was a good fight and I had more power from working out more.
Pride: Were you working out more because you lost last time?
Pulver: I was already thinking about gaining weight to fight in PRIDE when I fought Gomi. I think this is the best weight for me to fight in PRIDE at.
Pride: What is your best weight, regardless of whether you are in PRIDE or UFC?
Pulver: Around 143 lbs (approx. 64.5 kg) is the best for MMA. I think for a small fighter like me to fight in BUSHIDO needs to be around 72 or 73 kg, though. I'm doing my best to put on weight so I can bring some excitement to BUSHIDO.
Pride: That's a cool hair cut you have. Does it have any meaning?
Pulver: I dyed my hair red after I can to Japan. I've been training really hard recently and I didn't have time to worry about my hair style but PRIDE is a big stage to stand on so I did my hair like this for the fans, and for myself.
Pride: Will you continue to fight in boxing?
Pulver: If PRIDE says it's okay, I will. I want to fight when the time is right. My striking combinations are good so I would like to fight if they will let me.

Pride Fighting Championships: You looked completely out there at the end.
Taisho: I woke up on the way down but I still fell. I knew he was coming in so I stood up but it was too late.
Pride: Did he hit you in the back of the head?
Taisho: I don't think so but his punches were hard.
Pride: Did it take time for you to accept that?
Taisho: I still had a lot of energy left. I didn't lose after doing everything I can, and I regret that.
Pride: Is it more out of embarrassment or anger?
Taisho: I was really embarrassed because of my training partners and friends. I'm an instructor so I thought that if I was able to use the techniques that I teach in a real fight, they would gain confidence. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use any.
Pride: Was throwing low kicks your strategy?
Taisho: I knew that Pulver is weak against low kicks so I threw them, but I knew that he's the kind of fighter that keeps coming even if he's in pain. I wanted to aim for his weak point, and then go for a takedown, but it didn't work.
Pride: Did you feel pressure standing on your feet?
Taisho: I'm always fighting guys bigger than me so I thought I was used to it. I think (Pulver) had about a fist's length more reach than me.
Pride: How did it feel to be in PRIDE for the first time?
Taisho: I was excited because I like big events more than small ones. It felt like when I used to be in a band a long time ago. I'd like to fight here again.