Akihiro Gono & Crosley Gracie

Pride Fighting Championships: It was a very close victory.
Akihiro Gono: It was close. I wouldn't have felt like I lost even if it had been a draw but since they have a "must" system...
Pride: Where do you think you were better (than Crosley)?
Gono: Damage, maybe.
Pride: You hit him with a right. What did you think?
Gono: It didn't feel strong. It didn't feel strong but it still hurt him so... (laughing)
Pride: You were also taken down a lot.
Gono: I lost my last fight and this was the most pressure that I've ever felt in my career. It was really tough.
Pride: How do you feel about your performance?
Gono: I'm glad I won but I don't think there's anything I can't be complimented on.
Pride: There were some harsh words from the fans during your fight.
Gono: I couldn't hear them. What did they say?
Pride: They were yelling that it's boring.
Gono: I also think it was a boring fight, so they were right.
Pride: Will you continue to fight at 83 kg?
Gono: Hmm...I lose to pressure there and can't move in the upper weight class so there's nothing for me to do but stay at 83 kg
Pride: You said that you had a lot to say if you won.
Gono: I don't have anything to say. I wasn't able to do anything and I just gave in. I'm just glad I won.

Pride Fighting Championships: You didn't seem satisfied with the decision.
Crosley Gracie: I'm not satisfied with it. It should have been at least 2-1, not 3-0. I took some punches in the 2nd round so I can't help that I lost but a lot of my punches landed in the 1st round and I got the mount position. When I think about that, I don't feel satisfied with the decision.
Pride: You took a right punch in the 1st round and it looked like you were going to go down. Did that affect you later?
Gracie: I kept my position after I took that right straight so I don't think there was any damage. I was more affected from hurting my finger when I punched him.
Pride: Did you break your finger with a right hook?
Gracie: I broke it on the first punch.
Pride: Gono said that he won because he damaged you more. Do you disagree?
Gracie: Well, my nose was bleeding and I will admit that I was damaged more, but this is just my 3rd fight and he's a veteran with over 40 fights. Next time, I will come back stronger. I'm grateful to my sponsors this time. I want to thank my wife, my team, Ian, all the people that train with me and all the fans. I will be back.