Takanori Gomi & Luiz Azeredo

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Gomi: I'm glad I was able to end it with a knockout.
Pride: Were you a little worried?
Gomi: Yeah, his kicks and punches are great. There hasn't been much time between fights and I began to feel, mentally and physically, like I am here just to get hit.
Pride: Did you calm down after you got hit mid-way?
Gomi: He's got a long reach, not like a Japanese boxer. I was confused by the length of his muay thai punches.
Pride: Did you freak out a little when you got hit in the beginning?
Gomi: I was hit in the eye so I did freak out a little. It wasn't on the jaw, it was the eye, so I was a little worried about it but when I saw that he was bleeding, I was able to relax.
Pride: That was a perfect KO in the end.
Gomi: I don't remember which hook it was. Was it the left? My corner man told me to go in with the hook. He told me to be careful of his straight and when he drops his guard, hit him with the hook.
Pride: You were aiming for that last hit?
Gomi: It was just like my teacher told me to do. My style is to just do what I'm told. My teacher changed the strategy right in the middle of the fight and the hook went exactly where it was supposed to go. Azeredo has long arms so hooks are probably a weakness for him.
Pride: The match felt really long. Do you think that was a mental thing, a physical thing or a technical thing?
Gomi: Last year, I wanted to explode and show everyone in the world what I had accomplished in Shooto, and I think I have to continue that this year. I have to prepare and be impressive, as a professional, like the top K-1 fighters. It's been amazing so far but if I begin to feel satisfied with how I am now, I won't grow any further. I think all fighters feel this way but I want everyone to feel satisfied when they go home after watching BUSHIDO.
Pride: You mentioned K-1 now. Exactly who are you talking about?
Gomi: Masato. Kid. Genki. Well, MMA is MMA, though. I think there were a lot of amazing fights in this BUSHIDO. I want to continue training hard.
Pride: You don't think there are any more fighters to challenge you in your weight class?
Gomi: Hmmm...This was a good fight and I've still got some luck left. I think there are a lot of fighters that are stronger than Azeredo so I always train as if I'm the challenger. I was in my in my worst condition this time but now I feel refreshed and I want to keep building up BUSHIDO for the fans.
Pride: Joachim Hansen, who you lost to before, said that he wants to fight you again.
Gomi: I'd like to have one more fight before and then fight him. I think Hansen will end up like Azeredo. I'm looking forward to it

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Luis Azeredo: I think it was a great fight. I was able to strike well and the flow was good. Accidents happen, like this time, but I'm not going to give up.
Pride: Did that punch you hit Gomi with in the 1st round feel good?
Azeredo: I could feel that punch. I thought I might be able to KO him. I wanted to fight with Chute Boxe's style, muay thai, so I think it was a good fight.
Pride: Do you remember the end?
Azeredo: No, I don't remember that exact moment but I remember up until that.
Pride: Your style was very different than when you fought Buscape last time. Was this your real style?
Azeredo: No, not really. I'm like a joker in a deck of cards. I train to be able to handle any situation. Chute Boxe is always training to be able to handle anything, whether it's striking or grappling.
Pride: (Coach) Fujimar, was there a mistake in the strategy for today's fight?
Azeredo: Azeredo fought exactly as we had planned. I think it was a very good fight. Unfortunately, he got hit with a punch and we, as Chute Boxe, want to get revenge as soon as possible.
Pride: You were upset that Gomi didn't stop attacking after the referee stopped the fight.
Azeredo: I want the fight to be aggressive but it has to be fair. I really don't understand why he did that this time, and I want to get revenge for it.
Fujimar: I'm calm now but the entire team was full of anger then. He didn't stop attacking and I don't think his attitude is professional. I think he was a failure as an opponent and a failure as an event. If the same thing was done to him, I don't think he would accept it and I think it was very unfortunate for the event.
Pride: Do you want revenge for yourself or for Chute Boxe?
Fujimar: I want revenge for myself but I am a member of Chute Boxe and I will get revenge for them.