Ryo Chonan

Pride Fighting Championships: Nino wore a gi for your match.
Ryo Chonan: What do you think he wanted to use it for?
Pride: Did it bother you?
Chonan: Not at all. I always see Yoshida and Nakamura training in their gi at the dojo so it didn't surprise me.
Pride: It was like a 15 minute clinch.
Chonan: Yes, it was. It was pointless. I'm made at myself of course, but I'm really mad at him.
Pride: What was your plan?
Chonan: I wanted to stand. Nino said that my striking wasn't so scary so I expected him to stand with me but he's not the kind of opponent for me. I just wasn't strong enough to KO him.
Pride: Did Kosaka say anything to you?
Chonan: Nothing special but he told me to relax like usual.
Pride: Were you aiming for a stomp at the end?
Chonan: He had stamina in the first round so I think he wanted a submission, and I wasn't able to do what I wanted. He was out of stamina at the end and I was able to stomp him.
Pride: Why did you return to the dressing room as soon as the fight was over, without receiving you award?
Chonan: I was angry at myself and angry at him. There are a lot of things I regret about that fight.
Pride: There was a group of people from your hometown cheering for you.
Chonan: Even though they came to cheer me, my fight was disgraceful. I'll start training again right away next week.
Pride: How do you think the tournament will turn out?
Chonan: I have no right to discuss that. I won but I feel like I'm right on the edge. I think my next fight will be determine everything.