Charles Bennett

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel?
Charles Bennett: I feel really good. Please let me fight Gomi again.
Pride: Why do you have your eyes closed?
Bennett: Would you like me to open them?
Pride: What do you think of Maeda, who hadn't lost until now?
Bennett: His standup was good, like I had heard. He's the kind of opponent I like.
Pride: Were you aiming for that last hook?
Bennett: I don't really want to say this but that was just a lucky punch that caught him and he went down.
Pride: Do you think you can beat Gomi if you have a rematch?
Bennett: I will knock Gomi out when I fight him again. I'm a street fighter, so I don't like it when a referee stops the fight. If you'll let me fight Gomi again, I'll knock him out then.
Pride: When did you get gold teeth?
Bennett: From when I used to work on the streets, like a dealer. I quit because I didn't want to risk my fighting career.
Pride: What will you do in your remaining time in Japan?
Bennett: I want a Japanese girlfriend.
Pride: Do you have a girlfriend?
Bennett: Not now, I'm single.