Yves Edwards & Dokonjyonosuke Mishima

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Yves Edwards: I want to have more standup in the fight but I wasn't able to. PRIDE is mixed martial arts and there are a lot of elements besides striking. I believe that if I'm going to stand at the top, I have to be able to do everything. Of course, I want to stand at the top.
Pride: You hit your opponent with a hook. Do you think it hurt him?
Chonan: I think he felt it. That hook cut Mishima above his eye. I think that was the first exchange with Mishima. It was because of that hook that he wasn't able to take me down. He's a very tough fighter.
Pride: Did you have any problems with the rules differences between UFC (and Pride)?
Edwards: I was a little hesitant because of the slight difference in rules. For example, I wanted to throw elbows from the top position. It also took time to remember that I could knee to the head but Mishima was able to use that time to pull guard. However, I want to fight in the BUSHIDO Grand Prix and I want to fight regularly. I will get accustomed to the rule so I they will call me to fight again because I want to be famous in PRIDE. I think I can grow from that.
Pride: Where do you normally train at?
Edwards: I train at a gym in Houston with the 6th ranked boxer in the WBA and a jiu-jitsu instructor. It's a good gym. There are a lot of fighters there, professional and amateur. I'm blessed with a good team and they helped me with simulations as soon as my opponent was decided. They are my support and we train hard together all the time.
Pride: You spoke with Bennett and Pulver after your fight. What did you talk about?
Edwards: They both congratulated me on winning, and I congratulated them on theirs. I really like Pulver and I respect him. I'd like to fight him sometime. He lost to Gomi but he has a great record and I think he has the best takedowns in the world. Fighting against someone that I consider to be my hero is my dream. That's what I'd like to fight Pulver. About Bennett, I like him because he's crazy.

Pride Fighting Championships: Were you able to fight at your own pace?
Mishima: I wasn't able to bring the fight along at all. When I held him down on the ground, we were stopped. When I realized I was getting a green card, I felt pressured. I lost because I moved after I got position.
Pride: Did you feel that first right hook?
Mishima: No, it didn't hurt. I think he's the best striker in the world but it felt completely normal to me.
Pride: What were you planning to do after you got side position?
Mishima: I want to pass his guard after we were half way but I wasn't able to go at my own pace.
Pride: What do you think about being submitted by arm-bar to someone known as a striker?
Mishima: That's not embarrassing. I was just kept being told to move after I did a takedown and mentally, I couldn't get the green card out of my head, so somewhere in their my spirit broke. The most regrettable thing is that I lost to myself.
Pride: Have you lost by submission before?
Mishima: It was my first loss by joint-lock. I really felt that my style isn't enough. I want to change it for the next time. If there is a next time, I will fight with a new style.