Phil Baroni

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Phil Baroni: I feel great. I want to be in a Pocari Sweat or Calorie Mate (Japanese products) commercial.
Pride: What was your impression of Minowa?
Baroni: He's a really tough fighter. He's a BUSHIDO fighter. It was an honor for me to fight him.
Pride: You seemed to be in a bad position in the 1st round. How did you get back on top?
Baroni: I dug down deep and fought with guts. Bushido is about two fighters fighting with a never give up attitude. We fought like that and it was a rough battle.
Pride: Any injuries?
Baroni: Nothing big enough to call an injury.
Pride: Did you feel any pressure from fighting in Japan?
Baroni: I always feel pressure. This was an especially important fight that I could not lose and I trained hard to win. I want to change pressure into strength, fight and become the Champion.
Pride: You've got a [BUSHIDOU] tattoo on your left arm.
Baroni: I got that this tattoo done before it was decided that I would be in BUSHIDO. I don't know if it was God or an omen, but I'm probably here because of some strange power. Everyone's strength helped me come here.
Pride: (To Mark Coleman) What do you think of Baroni's win today? Mark Coleman: He is a guy that I really like and he's my hero. I think he's a hard working fighter. I think there were times that he was worried but today, he fought like himself. I'm sure he will give us a great fight the next time, too.
Pride: Where do you normally train?
Baroni: I usually train in Las Vegas. Coleman came out to Las Vegas to be my coach.