Paulo Ceasar Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Holy!? Is this your kid?
Giant Silva: Yeah, he's my baby.
Pride: What's your name?
L ewis
Silva: Lewis.
Pride: How old are you?
Lewis: 17
Pride: How tall are you?
Lewis: 6'3".
Pride: Is he going to be in your corner this time?
Silva: Yeah, and another guy.
Pride: You are 39, right?
Silva: Yes.
Pride: Have you changed your training?
Silva: I'm gaining experience with every fight. The last fight was very bad for me. I've been working on positions like the last fight. I know that everybody wants to drop me down and punch me in the face but I don't like that position. It's a very bad position.
Pride: Why do you think he was able to take you down?
Silva: Taking me down isn't a problem. I'm always going to be like that. If I fight someone like that, he probably won't want to take me down. He will be very tall like me. It's not too easy for him to go down for my legs. I'm always fighting someone that's strong and fast but not tall, so it's easy for them to take me down. I don't mind that but I don't like the mount. I had no idea how to get out of it.
Pride: So you are working on getting out of the mount now?
Silva: Many, many things.
Pride: Did you watch the fight with your coaches?
Silva: I did not watch the fight. I don't want to see it. It was a bad time for me. I just train and tell my coach and he said we have to train more. He's teaching me how to get out of it with technique, not power. You can't just use power because they have good position.
Pride: Who did you work with?
Silva: I'm still training with Ricardo at the Renzo Gracie Academy. I went to New York a couple of times and Renzo talked to me. He told me some things that I need to learn.
Pride: How is your physical conditioning?
Silva: I spend many hours training so my body has changed, of course.
Pride: A lot of people thought you were just here because of your size. Now, more and more people are starting to respect you and realize that you are for real. What keeps you motivated?
Silva: I started in the fight business very fast. I only had 5 days notice before my first fight. Pride told me that I can do a good job. That's why I keep working hard. I know the years come fast and I don't have too much time.
Pride: I don't know if you remember but after your Heath Herring fight, your legs were sore and you were saying "I don't know if I'm ever going to do this again." Now, your whole personality has changed. You want to fight. Are you starting to love this sport more?
Silva: Yeah, I appreciate it. It's a brand new situation for me. Herring was a brand new situation for me. Sentoryu was a brand new situation for me. I won that fight. That was very nice and I felt good. The fight that I lost to Ogawa was very hard for me. It pulled me down mentally, not physically. It was just unbelievable that I could train for all that time and then lose in 2 minutes.
Pride: What would you like to accomplish in the sport?
Silva: Time is very fast. I'm not young like my son. I want to enjoy my time and enjoy everything that comes in front of me. I cannot say that I'm going to be Champion. I just want to keep training and get better and better.
Pride: How does it feel to have your son here with you?
Silva: He finished High School. He plays basketball but I told him to try wrestling in College. He's training in jiu-jitsu in Renzo's academy and he likes it. He did capoeira in Brazil when he was young. He's been doing jiu-jitsu for a couple of months. He comes home and says he's more tired than he's ever been playing basketball. I just want him to do what he wants to do and I will help him.
Pride: What do you think of your dad fighting?
Lewis: I like it. I support him 100%.
Silva: The hard thing for me after the Ogawa fight was coming home. I said to my wife on the plan that coming back will be hard. When I saw him, he said, "What happened, Dad? You did nothing. He kicked your ass." (laughing) Don't talk to me like that. I'm your dad. You're supposed to help me.