Shungo Oyama

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 30 years old, right?
Shungo Oyama: Yes.
Pride: And your overall MMA record is 2-5?
Oyama: Yes.
Pride: Okay. What are your hobbies, besides fighting?
Oyama: Watching movies.
Pride: What kind of movies?
Oyama: Jackie Chan, etc.
Pride: What was the last movie you saw?
Oyama: Finding Nemo.
Pride: A lot of so-called experts say that you may be the best Japanese striker Mirko has faced. Are you will to go toe-to-toe with Mirko?
Oyama: I've done a lot of training and simulations for this fight. I'm confident that I can do well but it's a secret.
Pride: Did you see anything that made you more confident in the Mirko-Kanehara fight?
Oyama: I've watched all his previous fights, not just the last one.
Pride: Do you think you can take Mirko down?
Oyama: I can't talk about my game plan.
Pride: Do you have a girlfriend?
Oyama: Yes.
Pride: Who was your toughest opponent so far?
Oyama: Dan Henderson.
Pride: Which was your favorite fight?
Oyama: Also Dan Henderson because I was able to stay cool the whole time.
Pride: When you fought Wanderlei Silva, you were able to bring him to his knees once. Did that give you any extra confidence?
Oyama: Yes. I've been able to fight many top fighters and that has helped my confidence.
Pride: Would you like to fight Silva again?
Oyama: Very much.
Pride: Why did you decide to become a fighter?
Oyama: The main reason was watching Sakuraba fight.
Pride: Do you have any other hobbies?
Oyama: Drinking with my friends.
Pride: Mirko's weak point is on the ground. You trained with Mirko several years ago and dominated him on the ground. That must give you some confidence.
Oyama: It was just light sparring. Mirko is totally different now, though.
Pride: You are too, right?
Oyama: Definitely.