Takanori Gomi

Pride Fighting Championships: What are your age, height and weight?
Takanori Gomi: I'm 25, 173 cm and 73kg.
Pride: Who will be your corner men?
Gomi: Nishino, Obiya, a Shooto fighter, and Kobayashi.
Pride: Have you bought insurance in case you fall down from the top ropes?
Gomi: If I fall, I'll retire.
Pride: What did you think of beating Ralph Gracie in 6 seconds?
Gomi: After my loss to B.J., I think it was a fight that put me back on the map.
Pride: When Ralph Gracie charged you, was that knee an instinct move? It looked like Ralph just ran right into the knee.
Gomi: It was instinct.
Pride: What are your thoughts on this fight and your opponent?
Gomi: I know he was in DEEP and probably a little quicker than my previous opponents, because he's lighter. I don't think he's better than me but it will be a good fight.
Pride: Who were you training partners for this fight?
Gomi: I trained mostly by myself, cross training with others, until the fight with Ralph. Now, I've made a team and working out with some Shooto fighters.
Pride: What is the team name?
Gomi: If I win this time, I will ask the fans what it should be.
Pride: You are known all over the world as one of the best lightweight fighters. Would you like to rematch your losses sooner or later?
Gomi: They are strong but I'm feeling more confident now. Those guys can't beat Ralph Gracie in 6 seconds.
Pride: You get a lot more exposure in PRIDE than Shooto. Has this made a difference in your popularity?
Gomi: After the PRIDE show, many more people recognized me. It really motivates me.