Fabio Mello

Pride Fighting Championships: What're your height, weight and age?
Fabio Mello: I'm 170cm, 73kg and 29.
Pride: Who will be in your corner?
Mello: Mario Sperry and Paulo Nicolai.
Pride: Your MMA record is 3-1?
Mello: Yes.
Pride: And your loss was against Mishima in DEEP?
Mello: Yes.
Pride: When did you find out you are fighting Gomi?
Mello: 3 weeks ago.
Pride: Did you change your training after finding out about your opponent?
Mello: No, I just trained the same as always.
Pride: What do you think are your strengths as a fighter?
Mello: My hands. My kicks. Submissions on the ground.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Mello: Spending time with my daughter is the most fun?
Pride: How old is she?
Mello: She's 5 years old.
Pride: Are you married?
Mello: Yes.
Pride: Do you have any other hobbies?
Mello: Going to the beach, swimming and sun tanning.
Pride: No surfing?
Mello: No.
Pride: What movies do you like?
Mello: Shrek 2, Last Samurai... that's about all I remember.
Pride: Obviously Gomi has a big reputation too as a top fighter in his weight class. Where do you think you are better than Gomi?
Mello: Gomi is famous but I believe that I'm a complete fighter and can give him a good fight.
Pride: Do you prefer to take it to the ground or to KO him?
Mello: I'd like to start with striking and then take it to the ground, where I'm at my best.
Pride: BUSHIDO rules require a lot of action. Are you prepared to go bell-to-bell all out or are you the kind of fighter that waits to see what will happen?
Mello: I'm well aware of BUSHIDO rules and what is required. If it going to be a striking battle, I intend to knock him out. If it goes to the ground, I will not stall. I will go for submissions.