Hayato Sakurai

Pride Fighting Championships: Are you happy with your performance in PRIDE this far?
Hayato Sakurai: I'm not satisfied at all. I've had many fights this last year, about once every 2 months. I was really tired but I'm refreshed now.
Pride: So are you going to be able to show us the real Sakurai?
Sakurai: I hope so.
Pride: How are you going to fight? Standing or on the ground?
Sakurai: I'll do everything.
Pride: Have you ever seen your opponent fight before?
Sakurai: No.
Pride: Do you care about your reputation in the MMA community or do you just focus on your fights?
Sakurai: I don't care about that. I get to fight some strong guys so I have to focus on my fight.
Pride: Who do you train with?
Sakurai: Nobody in particular. Mostly just training by myself.
Pride: Who was the toughest opponent in your career and what was your toughest fight?
Sakurai: Frank Trigg. He and I were both undefeated. I attacked him and he attacked he but I was able to get a KO.