Brady Fink & Quinton Jackson

Pride Fighting Championships: You came with Rampage to his last fight?
Quinton Jackson: Yeah, he helped me train for my last fight.
Pride: What's your overall MMA record?
Brady Fink: 3-1.
Pride: What's it like to be in the same group with Quinton Jackson?
Fink: Training is hard. It's good.
Pride: What about Colin Oyama?
Fink: He's good. He keeps everyone in line, making sure we show up. He's hard. You've got to be dedicated and make sure (Quinton) wins his fights. In return, it will help me win mine.
Pride: What would you say are your strengths as a fighter?
Fink: My jiu-jitsu.
Pride: How do you feel about your standup?
Fink: Confident. I'm always working on my standup. I've been doing standup a long time but it hasn't blossomed like I want it to. I hit hard, though.
Pride: What do you think about fighting Sakurai, a legendary fighter in Japan?
Fink: I'm just happy to be fighting a good fighter.
Pride: You're not nervous about it?
Fink: I'm happy I can fight a strong opponent.
Pride: What do you do besides fighting?
Fink: I spend most of my day training. Just training and training. Boring.
Pride: What got you interested in MMA?
Fink: I trained in jiu-jitsu a really long time ago. I started when I was 12. I started training right before the UFC took off.
Pride: What are your goals for the next year?
Fink: I just want to get experience, fighting all good fighters. I want to build myself.