Dean Lister

Pride Fighting Championships: Are you still working out with Royce?
Dean Lister: Yes.
Pride: Why do they call you The Boogie Man?
Lister: Because 7 opponents back out of fighting me in my first KOTC match. I don't try to play that up, though. Guys have backed out of about 2/3 of my fights.
Pride: Are you a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu?
Lister: No, a black belt.
Pride: How often do you work with Royce?
Lister: We're both out of town a lot so it's from weekly to monthly.
Pride: What do you do in between training?
Lister: I'm always training in standup. Everyone wants to standup with me. I figure with one year, if I can make a 50% increase in my standup, it's better than making a 2% increase in my ground. My standup is much better than it was but people don't know it because I don't do much of it in my fights.
Pride: Who do you work out with in standup?
Lister: Primarily my teammates.
Pride: What are you hobbies, besides fighting?
Lister: My super-model girlfriend. I'm always with her. I scuba dive and go to the beach. I'm focused on my career and sport so I don't go out much. I don't go out to bars and stuff. Maybe that's kind of boring.
Pride: Your opponent is known for his striking. What do you have to do to offset that?
Lister: I'm going to be aggressive but he's a counter fighter. I don't think he's just going to run in on me. Even if I get on bottom, it will be harder for him. I think he will circle and be patient, looking for the KO eventually. I'll be aggressive but smart aggressive, not foolish aggressive.
Pride: BUSHIDO fights are focused more on action.
Lister: The PRIDE name is associated with more action. My styles is that if I can't win by submission or KO, I don't feel that I won. If I lose by decision, I don't feel that I lost. I know that there's an L and a W but I don't feel I lost. All of my victories have been by submission. I'd rather know that I put the work in and that I really won.
Pride: What did you think of Arona and Jackson?
Lister: I think he was winning. It was a decent fight. Whether it was his mistake to keep the triangle locked or maybe he was just surprised that Jackson picked him up that high. When you're over someone's head, 9 feet off the ground, that's not good. He was inverted. Rampage went backwards and then slammed him straight on his head. I can see how he got knocked out. I think it was a good fight. It was a surprise ending and that's what makes the sport intertaining.
Pride: You did 3 years of wrestling in high school?
Lister: Yeah, but I wasn't very dedicated.
Pride: Your last fight was with Jeremy Horn. What did you think about that?
Lister: 1 judge gave it to me so it wasn't like I completely lost. He's a tough fighter and a very neutralizing fighter. If you're a good striker, it's going to be tough to knock him out. If you're a really good jiu-jitsu guy, he's not going to beat you in jiu-jitsu but his arm positioning is really good and he knows what he's doing. He's got a nullifying style. I actually hit him with the hardest shots of the fight but he hit me with a lot of smaller shots. The big problem was this cut. What happened was 3 things. One, I lost a lot of blood, like a liter of blood. Two, it was in my eyes. I've never had blood in my eyes. It's like a greasy windshield. Three, he was trying to hit my cut. I could see that there was someone in front of me but I didn't know if he was 2 feet away or 4 feet away. One time I kicked but I fell on my butt. It looked like I was pulling guard but I wouldn't do that. I just couldn't see. It was really strange. One time I threw a punch and I fell. I had blood all over my body, slipping on my blood and I couldn't see. I threw a front push kick and I fell. It's like when you're walking down stairs at night and you think there's an extra stair but there's not and you stumble. Really, it was a very good fight. 4 rounds. I can say objectively that if you take away the blood factor and how it looked, I wasn't hurt at all. I didn't have any bruises on my face. I actually feel I won 3 of the 4 rounds. That's just my opinion, though. I got the L and he got the W. He's a good fighter and it was a tough fight worth 10 fights of experience.