Amar Suloev

Pride Fighting Championships: Your overall MMA record is 40-6?
Amar Suloev: I've never counted. I stopped counting.
Pride: So, what are your hobbies?
Suloev: Eating. Actually, I have a baby now.
Pride: Oh. Are you married?
Suloev: Yes.
Pride: How old is your baby?
Suloev: 4 months.
Pride: What do you know about Dean Lister and how do you feel the fight will go?
Suloev: We'll have to see what happens.
Pride: You are known as a striker and Dean is good on the ground? Are you comfortable fighting on the ground with Lister?
Suloev: Dean Lister's job is to fight. My job is to neutralize his game plan.
Pride: What does it feel like, finally coming to PRIDE?
Suloev: PRIDE is a big organization and this is a big match for me. It's an honor to be here.