Dokonjyonosuke Mishima

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 32?
Dokonjyohnosuke Mishima: Yes.
Pride: What is the "Cobra Hold"? Did you make it up?
Mishima: Yes, I made it up.
Pride: Have you ever used it win?
Mishima: Only once.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Mishima: Baseball.
Pride: Playing or watching?
Mishima: Playing.
Pride: What position do you play?
Mishima: Outfield and pitcher.
Pride: You are one of the fighters that understand this sport is also about entertainment. Do you intentionally try to get fans excited or is that just natural?
Mishima: I like doing it. It's part of my personality.
Pride: You have a lot of charisma. People need that if the sport is going to grow.
Mishima: Thanks you.
Pride: What do you know about your opponent?
Mishima: I've seen his ZST videos.
Pride: You are both similar in that you are good at submissions. Neither of you have ever been submitted. Do you care how you win or will you be looking for a submission?
Mishima: He's good at ground fighting so I will start with striking and, hopefully, get a submission.
Pride: Do you feel more confident with him standing or do you think you can beat him on the ground?
Mishima: I'm confident in my striking and takedowns.
Pride: Are you married?
Mishima: No.
Pride: Did you get into fighting for the girls?
Mishima: A little.
Pride: Why did you start fighting in MMA?
Mishima: I thought it was best suited for me.
Pride: Is there anyone that you look up to as a fighter?
Mishima: Volk Han.
Pride: Really? I never thought I'd hear that. Why Volk Han?
Mishima: Before he came to Japan, everyone in Japan thought that strikers and KO's are the best. He showed us submission fighting and I was impressed.
Pride: What music do you listen to when you are off and on training?
Mishima: Folk songs.
Pride: Even when training?
Mishima: Anime theme songs.
Pride: Who do you think will win the PRIDE Grand Prix?
Mishima: Fedor.