Marcus Aurelio

Pride Fighting Championships: You were talking about America earlier. What's your favorite thing about America?
Marcus Aurelio: I can have all the stuff like better training, better partners, and better coaches. I feel like an American guy now.
Pride: What about the country itself?
Aurelio: I like America. I love Florida. Florida is like Brazil to me. Same environment. Same weather.
Pride: Neither you nor Mishima have ever been submitted. Are you going to use that to make a statement in your first PRIDE fight?
Aurelio: I'm going to try to be different now. I'm always looking for submissions. Maybe I'll try for a KO.
Pride: Do you have an American girlfriend?
Aurelio: A Brazilian wife.
Pride: What do you do when you are not training?
Aurelio: Go to the beach, watching movies and I like surfing. Things like that.
Pride: Do you have any hobbies besides fighting?
Aurelio: Surfing.
Pride: Do you prefer American or Brazilian music?
Aurelio: I like both.
Pride: Rock n' roll or hip hop?
Aurelio: Both.
Pride: What do you listen to when you train?
Aurelio: Hip hop.
Pride: What is the best movie you've seen recently?
Aurelio: Gladiator. I like movies like Gladiator and Troy.
Pride: You like the big war stories?
Aurelio: Yeah.