Hiroyuki Abe

Pride Fighting Championships: You're a very aggressive fight and good with the knees. Is that the kind of fight you want to have with Buscape?
Hiroyuki Abe: Yes. I think he'll probably come out and try to take me down. Hmmm, I'll try to be aggressive.
Pride: Are you going to wait for the counter attack or go straight out?
Abe: I think he will come for the takedown and that's what I've been working on.
Pride: By MMA standards, you're getting to an advanced age at 34. This is your first time in PRIDE. Is this something you've always wanted?
Abe: Yes but I've been here as a corner man for Shoji and training partner for other fighters. I've always been too small to compete but now that they have BUSHIDO, I can be the on that is fighting. Since there was no chance for me before, I never really thought about it.
Pride: Did you fight with your brother when you were kids?
Abe: I'm 7 years older than him so I always won. We did wrestle at the same school, though.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Abe: Reading books. Watching movies.
Pride: What's the best movie you've seen recently?
Abe: Troy.
Pride: Do you like to watch movies the day before the fight to get you in the fighting mood?
Abe: Not for motivation but I do watch to relax.
Pride: Is that what you are like before a fight? Do you get nervous or are you relaxed?
Abe: No but I probably should be more nervous.
Pride: Are you married?
Abe: Yes.
Pride: Does your wife mind that you fight?
Abe: She doesn't watch my fights.
Pride: Do you have any animals?
Abe: I have a cat.
Pride: What's its name?
Abe: Ankle.
Pride: Are you going to win by ankle lock and dedicate it to your cat?
Abe: I hope so.