Takashi Sugiura

Pride Fighting Championships: Who will be in your corner?
Takashi Sugiura: Tsuyoshi Kosaka.
Pride: How do you feel about facing Giant Silva?
Sugiura: I've wanted to fight for the last 2 years, regardless of the opponent, so I'm looking forward to it.
Pride: You must have seen Ogawa beat Silva. You are a good Greco-Roman wrestler so are you going to try and do the same thing that Ogawa did?
Sugiura: Yes, I saw it. I'm not as good as Ogawa but the basic plan is to take him down. I won't be so easy, though.
Pride: What were your reasons for getting into MMA?
Sugiura: I've always wanted to be a fighter.
Pride: What is your training like for MMA?
Sugiura: I train at Kosaka's gym and Takada Dojo. I also box about 2 times per week.
Pride: How many hours a day for MMA training?
Sugiura: I spar at Kosaka's place for about 1.5 hours and then I box for about 2 hours, including warm-ups.
Pride: Do you go to Kosaka's place every day?
Sugiura: 3 days per week.
Pride: Do you have a family?
Sugiura: I have a wife, Makiko.
Pride: Kids?
Sugiura: 2 kids, Yuki and Kaho.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Sugiura: Going out to escort bars.
Pride: Does your wife go to male escort bars?
Sugiura: No and I wouldn't let her. (laughing)