Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: 25 years old?
Kazuhiro Nakamura: 26 now. Still doing my best.
Pride: And you're 93kg for the fight?
Nakamura: 95 kg now but the weigh-in is tomorrow.
Pride: We know so much about you already. You submitted Leko last time. How have you trained for this tournament?
Nakamura: I went to Brazil to study grappling.
Pride: How did you enjoy Brazil? Did it help you a lot?
Nakamura: There's a big temperature difference. It's very hot.
Pride: How did that affect you?
Nakamura: It was good for me.
Pride: It helped you get into better shape?
Nakamura: Yes.
Pride: Did you pick up anything that you can use in your fight against Randleman? How long were you there?
Nakamura: I was there for three weeks. I thought I would be fighting Ryan in the beginning, and that's why I went there, to prepare for Ryan. Then, I heard it would be Kevin Randleman.
Pride: When did you find out that you would be fighting Randleman?
Nakamura: After the last BUSHIDO.
Pride: Only a couple of weeks. What do you have to watch for with Randleman? He respects you but feels that this is his natural weight and you're not in his league in striking.
Nakamura: Well, I disagree with him. (laughing)
Pride: Do you want to stand with Randleman or try to get a takedown?
Nakamura: We'll have to see what happens. Stand up or the ground is okay, but I'd like to get a knockout. I do respect Randleman, though.
Pride: The first tournament when Yoshida fought Silva really put him on the map. Do you hope that this tournament will help you in the same way?
Nakamura: In Brazil, sometimes people would say hello to me. I was really surprised about that. Fighting here might help me but I can't say much (laughing)...(Note: Yoshida just walked into the room)
Pride: Is there anything else you can tell us?
Nakamura: Hmmm...My fear of punches during sparring is gone, compared to when I started.
Pride: That means a lot. You have to get over that mental fear of getting hit. Do you still think you can beat Yoshida, like you said the last time? (laughing)
Nakamura: ....secret! (laughing)