Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Hidehiko Yoshida

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think about your PRIDE debut on Sunday? (laughing)
Hidehiko Yoshida: I'm very nervous!
Pride: You look good.
Arona: I lost too much weight. Actually, I was just too fat before! (laughing)
Pride: How is your health? You broke your foot against Gardner.
Yoshida: I'm fine.
Pride: How do you feel about fighting Silva again? Your fight against Silva is really when people started to take you seriously?
Yoshida: I want this fight to be even better than the last one.
Pride: Is it true that you thought there was going to be another round the last time? I read that in an interview.
Yoshida: Yeah, I thought there was one more round. This time, I know. I misunderstood. When the 2nd round ended, I thought there was going to be another round.
Pride: What do you have to different against Silva this time, besides winning? You've had injuries and Silva is coming off a loss against Mark Hunt. Are you approaching the fight differently than the first one?
Yoshida: I want to pay him back.
Pride: You're a popular gold medallist in judo. Do you put pressure on yourself, knowing that you are in the main event against Silva in Japan? Is there any pressure on you mentally?
Yoshida: Not really. I don't care about the pressure. It's my first time as a main event. PRIDE is MMA, not judo, so I think of it as a different, new challenge. I have less experience than other people so I think of myself as the challenger.
Pride: Do you feel like you are representing Japan?
Yoshida: No, that's Sakuraba! (laughing)
Pride: Sakuraba will probably retire soon. Do you feel that you need to be the next Sakuraba for the fans and for the company?
Yoshida: We're the same age. I'm not young.
Pride: Yeah, but he's got a lot of injuries and they are catching up with him.
Yoshida: I just haven't shown you my injuries. I have a lot of injuries, actually.
Pride: So, maybe you are the same as Sakuraba.
Yoshida: I missed a lot of training due to injuries. It takes a long time to heal.
Pride: About Nakamura, let's say you fight each other sometime down the road? What do you think about that?
Yoshida: It's a fight, so I'll do it. He said he'd do it, right?
Pride: Of course...but, Nakamura said something to us...
Yoshida: Well, when the bell rings, I'd just yell at him like I was his father.
Pride: Nakamura said he you'd be in trouble if you ever fight. (laughing)
Yoshida: (laughing) Okay, I might have trouble in the fight but we'll see what happens in the dojo, after the fight! (laughing)