Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Igor Vovchanchyn

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 31?
Igor Vovchanchyn: Still 31.
Pride: What is your height?
Vovchanchyn: Still 5'10"
Pride: You said that you want to become the richest guy in mixed martial arts in Russia. There's a lot of money in this tournament. How bad do you want this?
Vovchanchyn: I want to win just to be stronger. (laughing)
Pride: What problems do you see with Yuki Kondo?
Vovchanchyn: No problems whatsoever. We thought about it during training and tried to foresee everything. The fight will show it.
Pride: How did you feel about your two last fights here? You're back to the old Igor.
Vovchanchyn: Yes, because I came back to my original weight that I used to be many years ago.
Pride: Alright. We know so much about you already.
Vovchanchyn: Yeah, you know so much about me that there's nothing to ask about. (laughing)
Pride: We've got it all.
Vovchanchyn: That's it? (laughing)
Pride: That's it!