Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Yoon Dong Sik

Pride Fighting Championships: What're your age, height and weight?
Yoon Dong Sik: 33 years old, 183 cm and 90 kg.
Pride: Do you belong to any club or gym?
Sik: No.
Pride: We heard that you are called the "unfortunate judo king." Why is that?
Sik: They call me because I wasn't able to compete in the Olympics, even though the ability to win a gold medal. I tried out for the Olympics three times but I couldn't make it due to injuries and unfair decisions. Actually, I've beaten four people that won gold medals in the Olympics. I also won one bronze medal in the World Championships and four gold medals in the Asian Championships. I've won 30 times in other international competitions.
Pride: Did you win 47 matches in a row in judo?
Sik: I won 47 consecutive times, including international and domestic matches.
Pride: This will be an MMA match, though. Have you been training hard in striking?
Sik: I've done some training but I can't say that I did a lot.
Pride: What do you think about fighting Sakuraba?
Sik: Sakuraba is a great fighter so it's an honor for me. If I can beat him, that will make me popular.
Pride: If you win this fight, and Yoshida wins his fight, it's possible that you could face him. How do you feel about that?
Sik: I would like to fight him. He's a famous fighter in Japan so my value would rise if I could beat him.
Pride: You're a famous judoka in Korea. I've heard that you have a good arm-bar. What do you bring to PRIDE?
Sik: I haven't practiced that much striking but there are several ways of moving from striking to the ground that I've been thinking about. Looking at my opponent's distance and angle, then taking him to the ground. I have other techniques than an arm-bar, though.
Pride: You retired in 2001, began teaching judo and became a judo TV commentator, correct?
Sik: Yes, after that I began coaching after 2001 and commentating, but I was still competing in Korea. In 2002 through 2004, I competed. In 2003 and 2004, I won first place. I tried out for the Olympics in 2004 but I couldn't make the 80 kg limit.
Pride: Ok. What are your hobbies, besides fighting?
Sik: I don't have any hobbies that I am really enthusiastic about but I like fishing and bowling.
Pride: What does that "BN" badge on your suit stand for?
Sik: It's a good-luck charm.