Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Kazushi Sakuraba

Pride Fighting Championships: What're your age, height and weight?
Kazushi Sakuraba: I'm 35. You want my official weight or my real weight?
Pride: Ok, the official weight.
Sakuraba: I'm 180 cm and 87 kg when I weighed in last night.
Pride: You wrestled in High School and College, right?
Sakuraba: Yes.
Pride: Do you think this is your last chance to make a big splash in PRIDE or are you hoping to fight for a lot longer?
Sakuraba: I'm not thinking about the future.
Pride: Just one step at a time?
Sakuraba: Yes, exactly.
Pride: How do you feel physically?
Sakuraba: Top condition. That sounds boring...
Pride: What do you think about Sik, your opponent?
Sakuraba: It's the first time for me to fight him, and he just happens to do judo. There are other people on the card that are fighting their opponents for the first time. It's the same feeling.
Pride: What else do you feel you have to accomplish in PRIDE? Any personal goals or have you done everything you want to do?
Sakuraba: That's a deep question. I don't know what I have done for this organization but there are a lot of things I want to do. I want to keep getting stronger and stronger. If my body can keep up with me, it's not a problem. I fight because I like fighting.
Pride: What do you think about the new 83 kg tournament coming up? That would be perfect for you.
Sakuraba: I want to fight at my current weight.
Pride: Do you feel like this is the most talented tournament in MMA history?
Sakuraba: It seems interesting.
Pride: You're very popular in the United States and there's talk of a PRIDE event in the US. Would you like to fight there?
Sakuraba: No, I don't think so. It's too far. Actually, to be honest, I didn't want to come this time either. It's too far away from Tokyo. I prefer Saitama.
Pride: (laughing) Wow. It's one hour!
Sakuraba: Even though it's only one hour.
Pride: You don't like to travel?
Sakuraba: No, I just don't like the time traveling. Once I get there, I will enjoy it.
Pride: If your opponent is wearing a gi, are you going to try to pull it over his head, like you did with Royce?
Sakuraba: I think he's different than Royce but I will use the gi, if he wears it. He's much stronger. Judo guys are physically strong.
Pride: Do you have a favorite fight or fighter in your PRIDE career?
Sakuraba: I've been hit too many times. I don't even remember who I fought.
Pride: Is there anybody else that you'd like to fight before you retire?
Sakuraba: There are lots.
Pride: Example?
Sakuraba: If I chose from the guys on this card, Alistair Overeem. I really don't want to fight him but, as a fighter, I would want to fight him. He comes out trying to KO his opponent. I like that kind of fighter. I hate fighters that are trying to push it to the decision.