Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 24, Alistair?
Alistair Overeem: Yes.
Pride: And 205 lbs for the fight?
Overeem: Yeah.
Pride: Competed in wrestling and kickboxing since you were 16?
Overeem: 15.
Pride: Are you going to compete in the Abu Dhabi in May?
Overeem: Don't think so.
Pride: But you did win the qualifying tournament, all by guillotine choke, right?
Overeem: Yes.
Pride: You're 15-2 in the last 5 years. You still want to fight Ryan Gracie?
Overeem: Yeah, nothing's changed. (laughing)
Pride: Well, sometimes people change around here. You're the UFC gatekeeper in PRIDE. What do you think about fighting against Belfort in his return to Japan?
Overeem: I'm really looking forward to it. He used to be my role model
Pride: He speaks very highly of you, too. He called you a "nice kid." (laughing) I'm just kidding. He said you are very well rounded and up-and-coming. I was just joking. He was very respectful. So, he used to be your role model in MMA?
Overeem: Yeah, in the beginning. He was really spectacular.
Pride: What kind of fight do you think you will have?
Overeem: I think he's a defensive fighter so I'm going to make sure it won't be a boring fight.
Pride: What's your prediction for this fight? None of your past ones have worked out?
Overeem: KO or submission in the first round. (laughing)
Pride: A lot of people thought you and Nogueira had the best fight in Fists of Fire. What did you think of the fight overall?
Overeem: I know I did my damn best. I learned quite a few things out of that fight?
Pride: Like what?
Overeem: Like, not getting ill is a good thing. Making sure you don't get ill.
Pride: How do you stop that? Do you wash your hands more regularly now? (laughing) No, seriously, what did you take out of the fight, in terms of training?
Overeem: Facing a black belt was a nice challenge for me.
Pride: That's a victory in itself. You said that you were upset afterward. Your face had a little scratch but Nogueira's face was messed up. You nailed him with some good shots. Obviously, he can take some shots.
Overeem: He's a tough guy. I respect Nogueira.
Pride: Both of them are tough.
Overeem: Yeah, they don't give up.
Pride: How have you improved your training? Train smarter, not harder?
Overeem: Actually both. Train harder and train smarter.
Pride: Obviously, you're happy to be in the tournament. Belfort said you're an up-and-comer. Do you think you already get respect from fighters or are you still working for it?
Overeem: Fighters respect me, but I'm still not satisfied with myself.