Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Yuki Kondo

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 29?
Yuki Kondo: Yes.
Pride: How much do you weigh?
Kondo: I haven't weighed myself but about 88 kg.
Pride: Did you fight since your last match with Silva?
Kondo: In November, I fought Cyborg in September. And against Dan Henderson this year.
Pride: Sorry, we've been doing interviews all day. I know you were upset after the fight with Henderson and you weren't happy with the decision.
Kondo: I was satisfied with the decision. It was depressed because I lost the fight.
Pride: You said earlier that you thought you won the fight. How did you think you won it?
Kondo: Looking at the video again, I realized that it could be seen that he won.
Pride: The judging in PRIDE can be tough to see while you are actually fighting. Well, your fight was good and in the end, you're both fighting in the tournament.
Kondo: Thank you.
Pride: How do you feel?
Kondo: Good.
Pride: What do you think of Igor's right straight?
Kondo: It's very powerful.
Pride: Yes, stay away! (laughing)
Kondo: I think whether or not I can escape his straight will be the key for this fight.
Pride: Where you do think that you strengths are against Vovchanchyn?
Kondo: I think my ability to see his punches.
Pride: Do you think that taking Vovchanchyn to the ground is the best strategy?
Kondo: Yes, but it won't be so easy to just take him to the ground. He can defend takedowns and he's strong. We're going to have to exchange strikes.
Pride: You've had three fights so far in PRIDE. What do you feel that you've learned most about your own style?
Kondo: Pancrase and PRIDE are both fights. The training is the same. I learned many things from both Pancrase and PRIDE.
Pride: Okay. What have you learned from your fights in PRIDE? You're a Champion in Pancrase and a top fighter in Japan, but you have a mixed record in PRIDE.
Kondo: Pancrase is my home and PRIDE is like fighting in an away game.
Pride: Here, you don't want it to go to the judges. You went to the decision with Dan Henderson and lost. Obviously, it's better to knock out or submit your opponent. Against Vovchanchyn, we know how powerful he is. Are we going to see a more aggressive Kondo?
Kondo: I think I will be more aggressive in a more natural way. I try not to get nervous or stiff in the shoulders. I try to be more aggressive and more natural, but it's difficult.
Pride: Did you work a lot on moving back and forward in boxing?
Kondo: A little.
Pride: Vovchanchyn sticks his jab out there, waiting for the chance to throw the right. Well, you weren't afraid to engage with Silva. Even though Vovchanchyn is a strong fighter, we know you won't be afraid to go toe-to-toe with him if you have to.
Kondo: Yes....that's right. (laughing)
Pride: Have you seen anything in your Silva fight that will help you against Vovchanchyn?
Kondo: I didn't see anything that would really help me.
Pride: So, you're just going to be aggressive, but natural, and not get hit in the face with his right hand.
Kondo: (laughing) That's right.