Pre-GP 2005 Opening Round Inte
Dan Henderson

Pride Fighting Championships: Did you have food poisoning last time?
Dan Henderson: I don't think so. I think it was just a stomach flu.
Pride: You're 34?
Henderson: Yes.
Pride: What's your weight for the fight?
Henderson: I was 86 kg last night after practice.
Pride: How did you feel about Kondo in the last fight?
Henderson: Like shit.
Pride: You weren't at your best but you still got the decision. Do you just want to move on?
Henderson: Pretty much. The only thing I learned from that fight is that it's a good thing that Yuki Kondo doesn't hit very hard.
Pride: Were you surprised at that?
Henderson: No, someone had told me that. I thought I remembered Tito saying something but that was a knee he ate. He didn't hit really hard. I think it was just because I wasn't moving really well, so I got punched more than usual. I'm glad he didn't (hit hard).
Pride: What's your take on fighting Rogerio?
Henderson: There are so many tough guys in this tournament. I think he's almost like his brother. He tries a lot of the same stuff on the ground. It seems that his hands are a little bit better than his brothers. He likes to punch more. His takedowns are close to the same but he's just not quite as good. And he's 30 lbs lighter than his brother.
Pride: So you think it's a benefit that you fought his brother?
Henderson: Yeah, they've got similar styles. He's obviously a different person. Anything can happen in a fight.
Pride: Are you excited to be in this tournament?
Henderson: Yeah, I'm happy to be fighting more than twice a year this year. Well, hopefully more than twice a year this year. Out of 16 guys, half of them are probably in the top ten. I don't know exactly. It's pretty close.
Pride: This is a tournament that you just can't lose. If you make it past the first round, you're a winner. Physically, you're alright?
Henderson: Pretty good. I got run down a little at the UFC last week. I've got a little congestion but I had a good practice last night.
Pride: Same typical Team Quest training?
Henderson: Just training with lefties.
Pride: You brought in south paws?
Henderson: No, just turned them around. (laughing)