Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Fedor Emelianenko & Mark Hunt

Pride Fighting Championships: That fight seemed to be quite a struggle. How do you feel about your fight with Hunt?
Emelianenko: It wasn't that much of a struggle. I don't think so, at least. I believe that I was able to have a good fight with Mark.
Pride: Why did you let him escape from the arm-lock in the beginning?
Emelianenko: It wasn't because of his strength. I let go myself. I was trying to bring him into a different position but it didn't work out as I hoped.
Pride: How did you feel when Hunt had you in an arm-lock?
Emelianenko: It wasn't tight at all, so I was thinking about what to do next.
Pride: Did the weight difference concern you? Did you have any strategy for that?
Emelianenko: I didn't have any special strategy but I could really feel the difference in weight, especially when he was on top of me.
Pride: What are your future goals?
Emelianenko: I want to focus on educating young people. I'd like to rest a little, too. I also want to build a new house. Of course, I want to train and continue being the Champion.
Pride: Is there any fighter that you want to fight but haven't fought yet?
Emelianenko: I want to fight someone that's strong although I don't know who, of course. My foot is injured though, so I would like to rest a little.
Pride: What do you think about Mirko's move?
Emelianenko: It's his decision so there's not much I can say. I guess it was just time for Mirko to do that. Maybe he wants to change weight classes. It's Mirko's decision, so I don't know much about it.
Pride: What about Josh? I think that you'll have to fight him.
Emelianenko: Josh and I are good friends, so I don't really want to fight him but if the time comes, we'll fight.

Pride: Your grappling seems to have improved.
Hunt: I'm a striker, so I trained to be able to survive on the ground.
Pride: You were also close to submitting Fedor, too. You must have practiced more that just survival.
Hunt: I don't have much grappling experience so I didn't know how effective it was.
Pride: What are your plans for 2007?
Hunt: To lose weight and improve my health.
Pride: You weren't in good health this time?
Hunt: I was in good health but I want to be in even better condition.
Pride: Did you impression of Fedor change after you actually fought him?
Hunt: It didn't change. I knew he was a great Champion before we fought and now that we've fought, I still think so.
Pride: Did you notice any differences between you and Fedor?
Hunt: A difference in experience.
Pride: Did you feel like you might actually win the fight?
Hunt: I think the fact that I was able to go far enough to get a title match is a win for me.
Pride: You continue to fight the best in PRIDE. Do you feel any pressure because of that?
Hunt: I don't really feel any pressure. I need to improve my ground techniques more but I have been training in grappling.
Pride: Fedor said that you had good positioning. Were you surprised at that?
Hunt: My grappling training is called "the pancake." I practice sticking to my opponent like I did today, so that was what I expected.