Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
James Thompson

Pride Fighting Championships: Yoshida tried to stand with you. What did you think about that?
Thompson: Thanks to him, I was able to fight my own fight. Yoshida is a judo player and he's a strong grappler, so it was very good for me that he decided to come out striking.
Pride: What do you feel was the reason for your win?
Thompson: As Yoshida said in a previous interview, mental strength is important. I think it was that mental strength. I received the offer on the 23rd and I wasn't able to train for him but I did my best.
Pride: Did you sense anything odd when Yoshida fell out of the ring?
Thompson: Yes, Yoshida wasn't moving after he fell out of the ring. I thought the referee would stop the fight but he didn't. I had used a lot of energy already, but I was still able to find some strength.
Pride: What is shaved into your head?
Thompson: It says MEGA PUNK. My hair grows quickly, so it might be difficult to read.
Pride: What are your goals for next year?
Thompson: 2006 was a strange year. I lost to Fujita after a six-month layoff following the last New Year's Eve. I was pretty depressed over that but I'm glad that I beat Yoshida today. I'm also glad that the fans supported me.