Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Takanori Gomi & Mitsuhiro Ishida

Pride Fighting Championships: You're fight finished quickly.
Gomi: It was a non-title fight, so I just wanted to fight freely. It went well.
Pride: Please tell us about the finish.
Gomi: When I jabbed Ishida and he fell on his butt, I could already see it in his eyes. The punches had hurt him a lot.
Pride: Ishida was really staring at your before the fight.
Gomi: I try not to look at my opponents in the eyes. Was he staring at me? Well, this was my 3rd SHOCKWAVE, so I was relaxed when I fought.
Pride: You were back in top form in this fight.
Gomi: Yeah. It was good because people were saying that he's a bad match-up for me.
Pride: Any difficulties/
Gomi: I'm a professional so the worst thing for me is not being seen (by the fans). If the fans can't see me, I'm not a professional. That's my reason for living.
Pride: Are you motivated again?
Gomi: Yes. I want to take on the world. I've got two years until I turn 30, so I want to fight freely.
Pride: Take on the world?
Gomi: I love PRIDE, so I hope the will continue to do their best, just like they are now. I want the entire world to see us. As a professional, I'm aiming for a bigger status.
Pride: Specifically, who would you like to fight?
Gomi: Melendez, Sean Sherk. Well, Sherk would be an easy win. I'd like to take my time and fight Matt Hughes and BJ Penn.
Pride: Do you mean that you want to enter the UFC as a representative of PRIDE?
Gomi: Yes. When I fight in PRIDE, it's always on a great stage like today. I want to make an appeal to the world in Las Vegas.
Pride: How about the Lightweight Grand Prix?
Gomi: Just seed me into the Grand Prix finals. (laughing) Of course, I'd prefer a single match. I'm always pressured before my fights but I feel relieved today. The younger students at my gym supported me. I hope they will fight here in a few years. I'm going to take them out to eat tonight. I'm really glad there are kids that admire me. I wanted to go directly to my gym students and thank them as soon as I won. The supported me in my year-end return. When we started in July, I wasn't able to have a celebration party with the students so I'm looking forward to talking with them now.
Pride: Will you fight in the February Las Vegas event next?
Gomi: Yes. The rules make it difficult to get injured. I will try not to play around too much in January. (laughing) I played around too much earlier this year. (laughing) I've got my gym students, so everything will be fine.
Pride: Genki Sudo announced his retirement. Did you know about that?
Gomi: I heard about it. To be honest, it's sad. I want him to do his best in martial arts and on TV. It's sad.

Pride: How did it feel to fight Gomi?
Ishida: I don't remember it, so I don't know. I was already walking towards the changing room when I realized where I was.
Pride: How far back can you remember?
Ishida: I remember Gomi's entrance and I remember kicking him.
Pride: You threw a lot of middle kicks in today's fight.
Ishida: I wanted to kick him a lot, but I ended up kicking too much because you get caught with counters when you kick like that.
Pride: What about low kicks?
Ishida: I wanted to kick him with a lot of lows, too.
Pride: Were you nervous?
Ishida: Yes, but it was the same nervousness that I feel before every fight.
Pride: Were you nervous because it's the New Year's Eve event or because you were fighting Gomi?
Ishida: I don't know. I don't think I was, but who knows?
Pride: What did you think about the video before your fight?
Ishida: I didn't really watch it. I was called out to the entrance. I don't really remember what was in it.
Pride: When was the last time you spoke with Yamada, your trainer?
Ishida: I spoke with him two days ago but not about strategy, really. I feel more relaxed if he's around.
Pride: Did his absence today affect you?
Ishida: Maybe. I'm definitely more relaxed if he's around.
Pride: Did Kawajiri's loss affect you?
Ishida: Kawajiri said he did everything he could in the changing room, so no, not really.
Pride: What was your strategy for Gomi?
Ishida: I wanted to hit him with middle kicks. When we were close, I was going to go for a tackle but I was beaten before I could.
Pride: Any hopes for next year?
Ishida: I just lost, so no, none at all.