Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Akihiro Gono & Yuki Kondo

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that the fight is over?
Gono: That's a boring question. Ask me something specific. There was a vote for Kondo, so the judges still appear to be blind. In my opinion, I fought a very good fight today. When I threw the first right, I hurt my right hand. I couldn't put strength in it, even when we clinching and figured it would be impossible to hurt him with the right. Since I couldn't score any points that way, I thought I did a good job with just my left hand and my legs. I want to compliment myself for this fight more than any other fight this year. (The judge that voted for Kondo) really is blind.
Pride: Was the fight different than you expected it to be?
Gono: It was different. I won't say that I could have knocked him out but if my right hand had been okay, I could have given a better fight. Kondo became tired much faster than I did in today's fight. I think I was able to control the fight.
Pride: Kondo said that he thinks this rematch has settled things between you. How do you feel?
Gono: I'm happy that Kondo said what he did but I don't think it's settled. I was beaten badly (in our last fight) and this time it was a 2-1 decision win. Technically, though, I think I'm on a higher level.
Pride: How do you feel about your entrance?
Gono: It was cold. (laughing). I was saved by Little Kiyohara. (laughing)
Pride: What do you call the team whose uniform you were wearing?
Gono: I hadn't thought about it. (laughing) I didn't think about a lot of things this time, including the team name. It wasn't on the Genki (Sudo) or Kid (Yamamoto) level but the budget for that was probably what a "salary man" makes in a month.
Pride: I've heard that you're going to have surgery. What are your future plans?
Gono: I'm going to have surgery and rest for 4~6 months. Then I'll come back as New Gono.
Pride: Where exactly are you injured?
Gono: I have a bone problem. It's not broken, but I think it's dislocated.
Pride: What are your goals next year?
Gono: To do whatever I want and make everyone respect me. I want to become a fighter that can do what he wants.

Pride: How do you feel now?
Kondo: I think I just wasn't good enough.
Pride: Anything specific?
Kondo: Gono was better than me. I used more strength that he did.
Pride: Did you get irritated with Gono's fighting style?
Kondo: I wasn't irritated but I did get caught up in his game.
Pride: What was your strategy before the fight?
Kondo: Just to relax and save my strength when I fight.
Pride: How about the blood from your eye?
Kondo: That came from a scratch I got during training. I did get hit in the eye, though, and it felt a little blurry.
Pride: What are your goals for next year?
Kondo: I don't think I'm qualified to fight in PRIDE like I am now because this where the best fighters in the world come. I will fight elsewhere and do my best to return here.
Pride: What did you think of Gono's entrance?
Kondo: It was fun. I was looking forward to it too, and I got to see it from the best seat in the house. It was fun and actually relaxed me.
Pride: Are you satisfied with the decision?
Kondo: Yes, I'm satisfied.
Pride: Do you think things are settled between you and Gono?
Kondo: Yes, I think it's settled.
Pride: What do you think was the reason for your loss?
Kondo: My bad habit. I was confident but I didn't fight well. I should have moved around more actively.
Pride: What are your goals for next year?
Kondo: Fight more and improve myself.