Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Mauricio Rua & Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that your fight is over?
Rua: I fought with everything I had to win. It was very hard fight. Nakamura was an extremely tough opponent. I spoke with my team, and personally, I think I could have done much better.
Pride: We didn't see your usual explosive attacks this time.
Rua: Honestly, I tried my usual explosive attacks several times but Nakamura studied me well. The fans were happy about this fight too, so if possible, I'd like to have a rematch with Nakamura and finish him.
Pride: What was good about Nakamura's fight?
Rua: I wanted to stomp but he wouldn't let me.
Pride: Why was that?
Rua: Nakamura studied my fighting style. He saw them coming and he stood up quickly.
Pride: It looked like you could almost submit him when you had his back. Why do you think he was able to escape?
Rua: He was defending well. I was just maintaining my position without using energy.
Pride: How do you think looking back on this year?
Rua: I think that has been an amazing year for me. I overcame the injury from my fight with Coleman and I made a promise to Fujimar at that time that I would keep winning.
Pride: What kind of year do you want to make of 2007?
Rua: I want to continue winning and I want to score a perfect win on New Year's Eve next year.
Pride: Are there any fighters in particular that you want to fight?
Rua: I want a rematch with Mark Coleman because I lost the last time due to an accident. I think the fans want to see it, too. I hope PRIDE will put this fight together.

Pride: Any injuries?
Nakamura: I hurt my leg when I blocked a low-kick in the 1st round.
Pride: Did it hurt throughout the fight?
Nakamura: Yes. I hurt it when I blocked the kick and I ended up hurting my knee on the ground when I was trying to protect my leg.
Pride: Did that have any effect on the fight?
Nakamura: It affected me when I stood up.
Pride: Are you satisfied with fight?
Nakamura: Maybe I shouldn't say this since I lost but it felt really good to fight.
Pride: How were you able to escape from the back mount?
Nakamura: To be honest, there were times when I thought of giving up but I could hear the fans cheering and I knew that I couldn't give up, so I toughed it out.
Pride: Shogun said he would like to have a rematch with you. What do you think?
Nakamura: If he says so, I would like to if we have the opportunity. First I have to let my leg heal, though.
Pride: How did that arm triangle choke ("katagatame") feel?
Nakamura: It was on tight, technically, but it didn't break my spirit at all.