Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Kiyoshi Tamura & Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about the fight?
Tamura: I expected it to go a little longer but the fight happened to end with a KO. I really thought it would be a slightly longer fight.
Pride: Did you feel the knee land?
Tamura: Yes, I did.
Pride: Why were you complaining to the referee?
Tamura: I was excited. I felt the knee land and I kicked him twice after that. Maybe the referee didn't understand why Minowa fell down but as a fighter, and as myself, I hated having to kick him in the face.
Pride: What was your impression of Minowa?
Tamura: He had increased his weight and I think he wanted to trade strikes. He weighed 91kg, so his punches were heavy.
Pride: Was he different than before?
Tamura: Completely different. The last time we were both careful, there was both striking and grappling, and the fight went to the decision.
Pride: What about your challenge to Yoshida?
Tamura: I have wanted to rematch him since I lost two years ago, and I have continuously asked for that fight. Since I won this time, I thought it would be a good opportunity (to challenge him).
Pride: When do you want to fight him?
Tamura: Any time would be fine for me. Since I lost the last fight, I am the challenger. I will just maintain my conditioning so I can fight whenever he's ready. It's up to Yoshida's side to make a move now.
Pride: Do you think the fact you won by KO this time will help your challenge?
Tamura: Yes. I was troubled before the fight. I was worried about how far a 37-year-old fighter like myself could go against a bulked-up Minowa. I was intentionally trying to knee him but it's rare for a knee to hit that cleanly, so I don't know if you would call that coincidence or luck or something else. I was worried before the fight but since I won, I think I have the right to move on to the next stage.
Pride: Do you have any other goals for next year besides a rematch with Yoshida?
Tamura: The rematch with Yoshida and if the conditions are right, I'd like to fight overseas, in Las Vegas.

Pride: Are your ribs okay?
Minowa: They're fine. I'm super human, after all.
Pride: How do you feel after losing your first fight as "Minowa Man"?
Minowa: I wanted to win, of course. I lost, but I think it was still a good start. I want to get closer to the pro-wrestler image I have in my head.
Pride: Will you continue to use the Minowa Man ring name?
Minowa: Yes. My theme is "Birth."
Pride: How do you feel about the loss of Minowa Man's debut fight?
Minowa: It's unfortunate but I'm already okay. I'm not scared or worried anymore.
Pride: How do Ikuhisa Minowa and Minowa Man differ?
Minowa: I'm normally Ikuhisa Minowa. When I get in the ring, I become closer to a super human. I just added "Man" to make it easier to understand.
Pride: What are Minowa Man's goals?
Minowa: To become Kinniku Man.
Pride: Who does Minowa Man want to fight?
Minowa: I want to fight Tamura again. He gave me the OK in the ring. There are a lot of others but for the moment, I want to fight Tamura again.
Pride: What are you goals for next year?
Minowa: I will think about that from now. I think I answered the same way last year.